Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Thermal Bras Designed For Reconstructed Breasts

We asked real women what they needed from a bra during and after their journey with breast cancer. The responses were concise: thermal bra cups for warmth, unique cups to fit your shape, absolutely no wires, wicking layer for a sweat-free experience, extra band clasps for more flexibility, soft fabrics for all-day comfort, and do it your way with our “any-way,” easily-adjustable, no-slip shoulder straps.


Leave the extra layers at home. Our thermal bras keep the heat in and the cold out without the bulk!


Reconstructed breasts have a unique shape. Our bras will fit you right and create a smooth look.


Hand selected fabrics and wireless designs make our bras comfortable all day long!


In honor of breast cancer awareness month we've decided to clear out our inventory! So we've dropped the prices as low as they can go. PLEASE NOTE: sale purchases are NOT RETURNABLE and exchanges must be made within 14 days of receiving your order. Please visit the Digital Fitting Room and find your size!

Want To Learn More About Our Thermal Bras?

Elemental thermal bras provide a beautiful and warm solution to help Thrivers stay comfortable. With our trade secret, multi-layer design, the bra retains body heat and is up to 33% warmer than a typical bra.  Our bra locks out the cold while still presenting a fashionable design that makes women feel beautiful. Many women who have undergone the traumatic surgery of mastectomy & prosthetic reconstruction become self-conscious and feel like they have lost a part of themselves. Women just want to be able to wear a beautiful bra that does not constantly remind them of the struggles they have gone through, but rather, that appears as a normal, fashionable, everyday bra. Check out our FAQs Page for more information.